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Matt Scribner
Matt Scribner

Salt Lake City

Hi there, I'm Scrib, the art director at @Underbelly & @TheRockChurch.

adobe illustrator, branding, design, icon, illustration, logo, print design, typography, web design

  1. Underbelly Core Values type underbelly typography
  2. Underbelly Restroom Wayfinding signs wayfinding restroom icons underbelly
  3. Illustrated Chocolate Bar client gift illustration mountains chocolate chocolate bar
  4. Belly Bar underbelly cabin cozy illustration client gift packaging chocolate
  5. Happy little trees. illustration winter hills painting gift
  6. Kinda Seeing Eye Patch all seeing eye pyramid patch
  7. 005 Obsidian Macuahuitl of Plant Slaying plant slaying macuahuitl dndarmory dnd
  8. 004 Scarab of Protection scarab of protection 5e scarab dnd dndarmory
  9. D&D Armory 002 - Rakdos Riteknife dnd rakdos knife dagger dungeons and dragons dndarmory
  10. D&D Armory - Giant Slayer weapon dungeonsanddragons dndarmory
  11. Delving Dungeons with Designers dungeons and dragons dnd tiefling rogue wizard dungeon illustration design
  12. 2018 Top Four
  13. Lady Scrib Rebrand badge lockup logo hand stitches embroidery lady scrib
  14. Better Together summit brand illustration sf seattle boston nyc mainstreet buildings city conference
  15. Space & Time stars glass space
  16. Cosmic Curiosity keyhole cosmic cosmos space key eye
  17. Underbelly Business Cards underbelly business card
  18. Enhanced Analytics ladder people graph analytics illustration
  19. Sumato Labels labels coffee branding
  20. Contributing illustration hand library books
  21. Vision sunset vision lighthouse
  22. Local Team posters hat hoodie swag logo facebook local team
  23. BL! exclamation point monogram
  24. Updating Data portal illustration filter data
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